Mission & Strategy

We provide air freight forwarding, both domestic and international import and export. In regards to International, we have strong alliances with a variety of dedicated and professional customs brokers throughout the United States that provide door to door service for imports.

Through our toll-free number (800-878-0303), and our domestic and international partners, we are able to arrange total door to door transportation from and to any point in the United States and from and to any point worldwide. Our national coordination center is located at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York and is staffed at a minimum of fifteen hours a day.

Express Air Freight International continues to evolve, grow and advance to provide you with the most sophisticated and efficient service to compete in today’s global marketplace. Domestically, our corporate headquarter is based in New York with branches in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia, California and Central America. We had over 25 years of experience in the areas of sales, customer service and operations. Our hardworking and dedicated staffs have the drive and know-how to succeed in our aim to provide the best and most competitive service available all day, every day. Our company has the unique ability to provide all export shippers automatic fax flight information — Very few companies’ are able to offer this service to its customers.